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Reflections from The Adamsclan
Is it or isn't it?!? 
20th-Sep-2010 12:24 pm
Okay... this commercial has always, always bugged me.  Not from a need-to-shave point of view, but rather strictly based on the visuals, as it went against what I'd been taught by the fine stand-up comedians of the land.  I finally found the clip, so let's the videos speak for themselves.

Video A:

Maryellen Hooper - Shower Shaver
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Video B:

Now, because I had seen video 'A' long, long ago, I can't help but think of 'B' as just wrong!... but I also can't stop laughing whenever I see it, so there is that...
(Deleted comment)
1st-Oct-2010 07:59 pm (UTC)
She is good... I worry about that dress, though...
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