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23rd-Mar-2010 09:50 am - Yoplait
Hmmmm... Yoplait now has greek yogurt.  Interesting.  Perfectly reasonable choice of flavors.  Guess it's time to see if it passes the tastes of vomit test.
8th-Mar-2010 12:08 am - I Got Ya Oscah's Right Here
So, after watching the Oscars I have these thoughts:
  1. Jeff Bridges - always awesome!
  2. What's with all the snotty/snarky looks from the audience all night long?
  3. Suzy Amis - Eat a frickin' sandwich.  I mean seriously.  I happen to make a lovely grilled cheese, tomato and onion sammich.  I'd be happy to send you some.
  4. What the heck was the deal with the earrings on Sally Sparrow?!?
28th-Feb-2010 10:41 pm - The Question
Last night I dreamt in French.  This was a bit weird to say the least.  Not just the French though.  When I say "last night I dreamt in French", I mean all night long.  I'd be dreaming, wake up and go get a glass of water... hit the pillow and fall back asleep... and be back the the same dream... I'd wake up and visit the WC and hit the head and be back in the same dream... roll over and back into it... cat scratching at the door... same dream.

Actually, I seem to wake up a lot at night (I'm told it's an age thing), so let's just move on...

The premise of the dream was that Laurie and I were taking Brittany to meet her aunt, my sister, who was French.  I'll have to ask Dad about that because I'm pretty sure Mom would know if she'd given birth to a French child... in France...  Dad, on the other hand... well, that's at least biologically plausible.

In any case, each session would involve us traveling to France, getting lost and just missing her... but that was fine because as soon as I woke up and told the cats to go down stairs, I'd be back asleep and we'd be landing in France again... getting lost in a shopping mall or stopping just a few moments to long to show Brittany Parc d'Or or some such nonsense... all night long.

The French itself was interesting.  My linguistic behaviors matched those in real life.  Which is to say that I spoke a LOT of French, but only to people I didn't know.  Those people I did know, my "sister", coworkers, friends, were spoken to only in English.  This is a tremendously bad habit of mine... or at least it is after a week.

Let me explain.  At one time I considered myself fluent in the language of the Gauls (I have a certificate to that effect around here somewhere), but any skill unused withers and dies.  Language is no different.  These days, I can still read pretty well, but my listening comp is abysmal.  Drop me in the heart of Calais and you will be treated to a lovely display of such linguistic acrobatics as "OOO eh La Vay Say?  You know... the room-o del bathroom-o?"  Okay... maybe not that bad, but bad... for about a week... after that a switch gets thrown in my cobwebby old brain and I start to speak French again.  I understand them.  They understand me.  Right up until the point that I am speaking to someone I know... then it's all English.  Stage fright, I guess.

This brings us to the question.  The question that won't let the dream slip from my consciousness as most dreams are wont to do.  All that French I was speaking... all night long.  Was it really French or was my brain simple filling in with the equivalent of Charlie Brown's teacher addressing the class and simply telling me it was French.  Enquiring minds want to know...
28th-Feb-2010 09:44 pm - Cinema Sunday
We just sat down and watched Up! for the first time.  It was talked about back when it was... you know... new... so I won't bother repeating what others have said except to say... wow.
27th-Feb-2010 09:29 am - Craft Time
untrimmed Skyline Eagle test stitch

So Laurie has me working on a project for her Skyline High School.  This is just a test stitch of the basic design for size and such, but it looks pretty good after a first pass.  The finished project will be rather more complicated, but it's a good start.

The embroidery machine and I have come to a sort of agreement.  The endless bobbin will continue to function as long as I aggressively clean it before starting any work, and the machine will agree not to eat any garment as long as I stare directly at it the entire time something is stitching.  If I should turn away or go to the bathroom, you can be sure that the needle will try and embed itself into the machine foot, or the fabric will fold over and start stitching itself into a sleeve or the small nuclear power plant contained within will go critical and destroy the entire neighborhood... but if I watch it... well... all will be fine.
9th-Feb-2010 12:15 pm - Getting my digital house in order
Well, it's time to start organizing my digital life start putting content where it belongs rather than cross-posting willy nilly.

The first change will be that Slightly Off-Topic strips will no longer be posted here.  This is for a number of reasons:
  1. Several of you have asked me to stop dropping large images on your friends page (though several of you have requested they stay here, but a choice had to be made).  For those that enjoy the strips (that's all of you, right?!?), they can always be seen every T/Th/Su over at the Slightly Off-Topic website.  If you have enough websites to visit, I might point out that we also have an RSS feed available here, so it shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience.
  2. There's an iPhone app a-coming, and it becomes much less useful if all the feeds feature the same content.
  3. I've always thought of LiveJournal as a place to start/engage in a conversation.  I used to write quite a bit here, but since I've been posting the comics here, I find that I write a lot less.  I'd like to start a few more conversations.
  4. It helps consolidate my readership in one location, so that I can have a better idea of the response is to any given strip, and (hopefully) it will increase the conversations between readers.
I should point out that as it is Tuesday, there was a Slightly Off-topic update today.  You don't have to pop over and look at it, but you can... I'm just saying.

The second change... well... you'll see.

7th-Feb-2010 11:23 am - #308 – A Cry for Help
Just so you know, the News Guy is a Pantene man...

So, I thought that this being Super Bowl Sunday and all, I had better do a football-oriented strip, but far be it from me to go for something to do with the actual Super Bowl… or a player who is actually in it…  that would be too easy.  Besides, with all the product placement in this strip, I’m sure to get a contract with Head and Shoulders!!!  I can see it now:

Slightly Off-Topic

brought to you by:

Head and Shoulders

No Flakes… Just Fun!

It’s beautiful, and I think they’d have to be crazy to pass up such an opportunity, don’t you?!?

And the winner is…

So, the Crumpler Laptop Bag contest has finally ended, and I’d like to say a BIG thank you to all of you that participated.  It was close for a while, but there is one reader who really, really stuck with it, and that reader’s name is…

…private because I haven’t asked about sharing any names or information yet.  As a matter of fact, as soon as I post this, I’ll be sending out the announcement.   So, watch your email box folks, because the winner just may be you!

4th-Feb-2010 01:33 pm - #307 – With an Embroidered Fist…
I might go just so I can kick the guy square in the nertz!

The above is, of course, a true story.  Just a weird coincidence…

…or is it?!?  Who to say that me and my Singer XL-5000 don’t actually control the world?  I make plenty of mistakes… even with the most well thought out designs, and the endless bobbin inevitably breaks down… that sounds suspiciously like real life to me… I mean just take a look at Congress.  It kind of makes sense.  Maybe my next project should be to stitch out the state of Michigan with a balanced budget… or Israel and Palestine mutually respecting each other within their own well-defined borders…

…or maybe just a picture of Gabe and Tycho asking *me* for advice…

…no… that would just be too weird…

It takes about six weeks to develop a "BowFlex Body", right?!?

What better way to celebrate an anniversary than with a bonus strip?  Perhaps, I just have dieting on the mind today, but I’ve always imagined that this is what is really going on.  I mean, take a look at Punxsutawney Phil… he could use a little time with the BowFlex, right?

…or is it just me…

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